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Recommended Cycle Products: Tyres
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  • Continental Vapor - ProTection - Gravity Arc Tread Design: The new design of the Vapor uses even the space in between the lugs to increase traction. 3D faces enlarge the surface of the tread. The surfaces are determined by free falling u-bends or Arcs. The shape comes naturally, and at a minimum material input to keep weight low. (Added: 4-Aug-2004 Hits: 1158 Rating: 5.76 Votes: 27) Rate It
  • Michelin Cyclo Cross Jet Folding Tyre - Engineered for dry, hardpacked trails. Grip with low rolling resistance. With a tread pattern derived from the tyre that won an Olympic mountain biking gold medal, the Michelin Jet is built for speed. 100% Silica Energy rubber compound for more spped with the same effort High-density casing for light weight and a smooth ride Tread pattern with assymmetrical blocks for aggressive cross-country traction 127TPI 340g (Added: 21-Nov-2004 Hits: 806 Rating: 6.34 Votes: 12) Rate It
  • Panaracer Fire Mud Pro - Kevlar - Very low weight - 440g per tyre Narrow section - 26 x 1.8 Folding Kelar bead Aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern Suitable for front or rear use ASB side chafer helps reduce pinch punctures Black wall and red band (Added: 4-Aug-2004 Hits: 992 Rating: 4.78 Votes: 49) Rate It
  • Panaracer Trail Blaster Folding - Light, responsive tyre Performs at their best on hardpack/Medium terrain Multi-step knobs combine high and low knobs Pyramid shaped variable rate knobs for secure cornering Bi-bond structure for hard wearing tread with cornering adhesion Black tread and sidewall with coloured shoulders Kevlar bead Weight: 1.8 = 400g, 1.95 = 500g, 2.10 = 520g Fantastic tyres - we've got them on our bikes and we're very impressed! (Added: 4-Aug-2004 Hits: 1152 Rating: 6.88 Votes: 31) Rate It
  • Schwalbe Marathon Kevlar Belt Tyre - Road Reflective - The new generation of Marathon tyre from Schwalbe gives the touring and recreational cyclist an oppotunity to ride one of the most outstanding easy running tyres for high mileage and optimum safety. The modern tread pattern is designed around a silica compound and a Kevlar MB puncture protection belt. At night the Marathon tyre comes into it's own. With the application of Scotchlite reflective material along the the sidewall the tyre provides unparalleled safety at night. (Added: 21-Nov-2004 Hits: 931 Rating: 5.45 Votes: 15) Rate It
  • WTB Moto Raptor Race Tyre - With their open, deep tread pattern, "exo-skeleton" of linked blocks, and earth shattering, dirt stabbing abilities, the Moto's are built for aggressive riders and all rough riding conditions from wet roots and stones to hard rock and sand. (Added: 4-Aug-2004 Hits: 1010 Rating: 6.78 Votes: 41) Rate It

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